Free Sexting Sites and Apps for Finding Chat Partners Online

More and more people are using sexting sites and apps to add a little more spice to their sex lives. They want sex texting and sometimes just a little fun. Not everyone even wants the chatting to go further than just a bit of sexting fun, while others want it to eventually build to casual sex.

Because of this gap in the market, many companies have set up apps and sites that you can sext through. They're private and confidential, leaving you with the confidence to chat away and be as naughty and dirty as you want.

But with so many, it can lead to issues of finding the best place to be. Where is everyone else going to go for their sexting needs? Which ones offer the no-commitment zone for fun? Which apps or sites are the most trusted? You need to start looking at reviews for the most common free sexting sites and sex apps to find the best one for your needs.

That's where this review article comes into play. We look at the 10 most common and popular sexting sites and apps to try and review each one to find the safest, most enjoyable place for you online.

#1 TinSexApp

By far, the best sexting site to visit is TinSexApp. This is a popular Tinder alternative, offering a safe space for you to message and hook up to your heart's content. It's also our editor's number one pick.

While you need to create a profile to get started, you can be as anonymous as you want. There's no need to sign up via a social media account and you don't need to use your own name if you really don't want to. If you're going to end up meeting with someone, we recommend using your own photo in the profile, but when it comes to sexting? Feel free!

There are adult chatrooms and webcam options, as well as the ability to private message and meet up with people in real life. There's absolutely no judgment and people don't need to know your backstory. Looking for a swinger community? TinSexApp offers that. Need to find a casual hookup to get over a dry spell? You've got it!

One of the best things about the site is that all accounts are approved manually. That means a human will look into the accounts to make sure people are there for genuine reasons. You won't need to deal with spammers like on other free sexting sites.

#2 AshleyMadison

One of the most famous sexting and dating sites on this list is going to be AshleyMadison. While it has had bad press in the past due to a hacking scandal, the site has upped its security and puts your privacy first. You don't need to sign up with your social media logins and there's no need to connect your outside life to your AshleyMadison profile.

This is a site that's set up to offer people a chance to have affairs. You don't have to meet up with people if you don't want. Sexting is part of the process and there are chatrooms and messaging options to allow for this.

AshleyMadison is set up perfectly for those who are travelling. You can make connections while you're on a business trip or when you decide to go away for a long weekend. Strike up a conversation through the messages first and then set up a hookup if you want.

When it comes to sexting, the inbox features make it easy. Many people will send a few winks and emojis through the messages. You can then set it up to encourage full messages to start your sexting fun. It really is that simple!

#3 Tinder

Tinder wasn't initially setup to become a dating site for casual sex, but that's the way it's turned. The app is free and easy to use and has become one of the most popular and well-known around the world. This is good news, as it means there are plenty of people on the app looking for a bit of fun.

While it's used for dating, Tinder is also good for hookups and sexting. It all starts with a look at the profile pictures, leading to swiping left or right depending on whether you're interested or not. When you both swipe right, you'll be able to message each other and go from there.

Once you open the message function, you can chat about whatever you want. There's nothing wrong with sending a few sexy photos and starting a hot conversation. You don't have to meet up if you don't want, so can keep it to sexting!

One of the downsides to Tinder is that not everyone is looking for a quick hookup. There are some on there looking for dating. Others won't just want sexting and will be interested in a casual relationship or just a quick one-night stand. You can't tell who wants what just looking at the photos, which can mean some wasted time.

#4 SnapChat

For many, Snapchat is a social media tool to keep in touch with friends. In the dating world, it's perfect for sexting. In fact, there are plenty of people already using it for sexting.

One of the greatest things about Snaps (as messages are known) is that they don't stick around for too long. They last for 10 seconds before they disappear forever. The only way people can keep them is if they choose to post the photos online somewhere, but they have just 10 seconds to decide to do that. This makes it popular for sexting, as there's little risk of someone saving a photo to use as blackmail at a later date.

The only way the photos stick for longer is if you add them to a Snap Story. You can choose against that, right?

Snapchat also allows you to play around with some filters, making you more confident when it comes to taking photos of yourself. You can get rid of the blemishes and the bad spots, so you only send your best side when sexting. Plus you can do it all through characters of yourself within the sexting app if you really want.

#5 Kik

Kik was set up to allow friends to chat quickly without using up their text messages in their data plans, but it's also become a popular place for sexting. After all, it's all about the chatting and what better way to have a night of naughty fun than through sexy texts?

Kik works a little like Snapchat, by connecting to just one person or through a group. You will need to have the other person's Kik code, which can mean connecting elsewhere first. Once you have it, you can message as much or as little as you want. The code helps to add some sense of security and privacy, preventing scammers and wasters from getting in touch.

You can report users easily if you find they've become abusive or sending spam. This is possible with a quick click of a button and then you explain why you want to report them. After that, you can easily block and move on. This is perfect if you find someone who wants more than sexting and that's not something you're interested in.

It's also possible to cut off the ability to turn off your own direct messages. When you're not ready for sexting or you've decided you've had enough for a while, you have full control.

#6 SnapSext

Love Snapchat but want to keep it just for your friends and family? Need something similar that is just for your sexting needs? This is where SnapSext is perfect.

The site is designed specifically for sexting, so everyone there will have the same idea as you. There's an element that's like dating profiles, where you set up your account and add a profile. You can choose whether you're looking for fun with men, women, or even both!

It's a completely anonymous site—well, as anonymous as you want it to be. There's no need to sign up with a social media platform. You will need an email address, but you can set up a private email address just to log in if you want.

There is a section to put your location. While you may not want to hook up after sexting, this keeps your options open. You can put whatever location you want in to be honest, depending on how anonymous you want to be. If you do want to meet up after sexting, the location just makes it easier to connect with people close to you.

One of the downsides is that this is one of the lesser known sites out there. It will affect the number of people on the site.

#7 FreeChatNow

Sexting doesn't need to come with the promise or intention of a meetup. This is where FreeChatNow is perfect. It's one of the oldest chatting sites out there. Starting in the late 90s, the site remains free and popular, while many others have disappeared into oblivion.

One of the greatest benefits of the free site is there's no long registration process. You just add a username, your gender, and your birthdate (to make sure you're old enough for the site) and you're allowed to start chatting to anyone on the site. It's all about being anonymous and confident.

The user-friendly site is mobile-friendly, so you can chat on the computer or from your phone if you want. The phone helps to keep your chatting completely private, since nobody can see your screen. There are chat rooms for sexting, webcam chats for showing a little more, and even audio chat rooms so you can literally talk to others.

FreeChatNow opens the ability to chat to specific types of people, so you find someone else interested in what you want. There are heterosexual, homosexual, and even roleplay chat rooms available. This is an excellent site for a little bit of no-commitment fun.

#8 LocalSexting

Another sexting site that's set up for chatting is LocalSexting. The clue is in the name: it's all about finding people local to you to just chat away and get as naughty as you want.

LocalSexting doesn't require a signup. You need to set up an account with just a username (and a few details purely for the site). You get to be as anonymous as you want, keeping your sexting escapades to yourself. There's no need to worry if you come across someone in your real life, as they don't need to know who you really are!

The site makes it possible to put a short intro into your profile. This tells people what you're looking for (and what you're not looking for). You can make it clear if you want just sexting, looking for casual hookups, and want to stay away from serious relationships. Look out for others' short bios to see what they're interested in before you start chatting.

If you want to take things further, you can. It's possible to connect to your Snapchat, Kik, and more with just a click, so you can continue chatting wherever you want!

#9 321SexChat

Looking for another site where you can just join a chatroom and start having some adult fun? 321SexChat offers that. It's entirely free and you don't need to register an account. Remain anonymous under a chatroom name that you choose. It'll definitely remind you of the 90s in a good way!

321SexChat offers a range of chatrooms depending on what you're interested in. You can role play, look out for gay or lesbian chatters, and even set up a webcam to see the people you're talking to. It's completely up to you!

The idea is that you keep the chatting online. There's no pressure to meet up with people, making it 100% safe. This can make you feel more confident in letting the sexy lion or lioness out, so you have more fun and get more out of the experience.

You can arrange for hookups if you want. You do this at your own risk, so the site wants you to take precautions. There's the opportunity to take a chat to a PM with someone if this is something you're interested in.

#10 SextFriend

Finally, SextFriend is the site that you want to try. This is another site that you can just set up a quick profile under a username and chat for free. It's hot and fun, and as anonymous as you want it to be.

One of the downsides is that the photos and messages will stick around in the system. This isn't like Snapchat where the photos disappear after 10 seconds. So, you'll certainly want to take some precautions when you're messaging. SextFriend's homepage even recommends keeping your face out of the photos to protect yourself online!

Once you get to know someone, you can be more adventurous. One of the options is to take videos and communicate that way. This makes it similar to a webcam, but you have more control. SextFriend has video editing options to make your video look sexier than a simple webcam.

From there, you can build up to offline meetings if you want. Of course, you'll want to take precautions if you're moving from sexting to offline hookups.

There's also a blog that helps you get more out of sexting. You'll get tips to make the most of communications and a chance to connect through other sexting apps.

Are you ready to make the most out of your sexting apps and sites? Consider the top 10 above and you'll have plenty of adult fun.