AdultFriendFinder Review - A Combo of A Sexting, Hookup, Sex Community


A sexting website that focuses on hook-ups and sex chat, AdultFriendFinder is the first place to try for some sexting fun online. AdultFriendFinder is one of the largest sex sites for adults looking for sex chat one the web, so it carries a good reputation and plenty of members.

The website's concept is basically catering to all the kinky desires of singles, couples, and anyone else out there looking to embrace online sex culture. This makes it ideal for sexting, as most of the members are more than happy to indulge in sexting, sharing nudes, talking dirty, or even some live web chat.


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A Massive Membership

As mentioned, AdultFriendFinder has one of the biggest memberships of any sexting sites, with around 10 million visitors per month. This is actually more than some of biggest dating sites, so you know you're in with a good chance of sexting action using this website!

Most members on this site make their intentions perfectly clear, with explicit photo galleries and very raunchy profiles that highly exactly what they are here for. In most cases, sexting is part of the courting process on the website, whether it's sending a few nudes or telling someone exactly what you'd like to do with them.

Of course, one setback of this is a large male to female ratio. Simply put, the guys well outnumber the girls here! That said, it's more than possible to find members in the mood for some sexting action.

Raunchy Features

Straight from the get-go AdultFriendFinder lets you know what to expect. For instance, questionnaire process, known as the Purity Test, asks you all about your sexual kinks, desires, and your history. This basically lets the site know what you're down for sexually.

Another big feature that showcases AdultFriendFinder at its finest is the webcamming and chat rooms. These are filled with people sexting about anything and everything, with live shows even being broadcast by certain members.

It's quite easy to find someone in these chat rooms to sext with, while you can also use the messaging features to talk with other members directly. There is a matching system where you use filters to find a desired match, after which you can start messaging to see if anyone is down for sexting.

A lot of recommendations appear on your feed and most of these people are happy to start sex chatting. This section is a sexting treasure trove, with countless members to choose from to start sexting.

Another unique feature includes the Sex Academy, which is an online video library that instructs you in various aspects of sex, sexting, and online dating. These videos do cost money beyond the paid membership though!

Other features are quite typical of an online dating site, including friend requests, DMs and email, sending virtual gifts etc.

Paying or Playing Your Way to More fun

While a lot of the core features are available for free on AdultFriendFinder, there are certain ones that are only available for paid members. However, you can earn currency that is used on the site for access to certain content, usually by completing certain challenges like uploading 5 pictures, creating blog posts, commenting on group posts etc.

When doing this, you get rewarded with points that can be spent on things like tips, photos, accessing videos, profile badges etc. Earning these points for free is quite fun and gets you even more from the site, although you can still message and email without paying so sexting on AdultFriendFinder doesn't need to cost a penny.

That said, earning a lot of points will take quite a long time, so if you're looking to access premium content but don't want to spend ages doing so, you may be better off with a paid membership, which isn't too expensive anyway.

Final Thoughts

AdultFriendFinder is a sexting goldmine. Millions of users are here for sex chat, making it a great place to try your hand at sexting. There are enough features for free to still enjoy the website, although paying does give you even more from the site.

Think of AdultFriendFinder as a combo of a sexting, hookup, sex community and social media website - it's as raunchy as it sounds and well worth trying for sexting!

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