Arousr Review - Taking Sexting to a New Level


Arousr is a website that focuses entirely on sex chat, so if you're looking to try some sexting this a good place to check out.

It is free to sign up but you do need money to send messages, video chat, and voice chat, which are the three core features of the site. You'll also need a smartphone as the website features are only available on the Arousr app!


Taking Sexting to a New Level

When a website's entire concept is sexting, you can expect some great sex chat from the offset. Getting started with Arousr is very simple - you just sign up with a phone number and are given 100 free credits to get started with.

Once you are signed up, simply browse through the countless female member pages to see what catches your eye, with members posting photos and videos to show what they're all about. Once you see someone you like you can initiate the sexting with either a text message or phone call.

The female users don't need to answer your request but most of them do so - everyone is here for the same reason! Now, the girl users are like camgirls, use the site to spread their brand and make a decent living, which isn't a bad thing as they all love sexting!

The big catch is you need credits to sex chat and only get 100 to begin with, which won't take you too far. Expect to pay for the pleasure of sexting on this site!

Lots of Hot Girls Looking to Sext

As mentioned, Arousr works by letting male members request chats with female users. If you're a guy and want to sex chat, simply click on a girl's profile to start the conversation, with options to text, chat, or video call.

While there are some fake profiles - natural with any dating or hook-up site - most of the girls on the site are 100% legit. This means it's quite easy to find a hot girl and start sexting, with high reply rates showcasing that most members are real and looking for fun.

Each user profile features some photos, videos, and a short bio explaining she's offering. This is a good feature as it does cost money to start sexting with a girl on Arousr, so knowing that the profiles are real and getting a short preview before you pay is never a bad thing.

Arousr almost works like a cam girl site but instead of an open chat room, each person speaks privately. It's a great way to dabble in conscious-free sexting with a girl that is happy to send nudes, sex chat, and have lots of cyber fun. Yes, you pay for it, but it guarantees some genuine sexting action!

Different Ways of Sexting

Arousr gives you three options for sexting - text messaging, phone calls, and video calls. Each one cost credits and there are varying rates from each girl, so bear in mind that you're going to need some credits in the bank to get started with sexting.

Texting is self-explanatory, letting you sex chat for as long as you like, while the phone calls is a traditional phone sex option. Video chatting is the most expensive option but gives the chance to check out the girl first-hand, which is what a lot of guys are after from sexting.

Basically, everyone's tastes are catered to! You can chat via message, phone call, or live video, with each one offering a unique sexting experience that doesn't fail to deliver! The video option is especially good, being very responsive and lag-free on most occasions, which is something not all sexting sites can promise.

Final Thoughts

Arousr is a fantastic sexting website. It knows exactly what it is and advertises it as such - a platform where guys and girls can enjoy sexting. There are various ways to enjoy sexting and the site offers each one in a simple yet effective manner.

Yes, you're going to end up paying a fair amount for the privilege but it is well worth the money for people looking to try authentic sexting with attractive females.

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