How to Ask Your Sexting Partner for A Real Date?


Sexting is one of the most popular modern activities. The power of having sexual conversation in real time whenever you want is pretty exhilarating. That being said, there are plenty of times when you will still want to have a real date. And often times you end up wanting to ask your sexting partner out for a real date.

Asking somebody for a real date can be quite intimidating though. This is a person that you have built up a great relationship that you have built up with in the digital realm. You may not want to risk that relationship and take it to the physical world.

Here are some tips to asking out your sexting partner for a real date. Use them but also remember, you are the one that knows your sex chat partner best.

Asking Sexting Partner Real Date

Embrace The Fact They Might Say No

Some people like sexting for the fact that it isn't a real life hookup. When you are asking a sexting partner for a hookup or a date in the physical world, it is important to embrace the fact that they may say no. The more ready you are for this, the easier it will be.

Also know that asking them on a real date might be a game ender for your relationship. If this happens, know that it isn't the end of the world. You will be able to find other sexting partners out there. By knowing this going in it should empower you to be confident in reaching out.

Broach The Topic Honestly

One way to start the conversation is to ask your partner whether or not they would be interested in meeting up for a real date sometime. You can say that you are just testing the waters and be very casual about it. While you can be casual though, you also want to be honest. Trying to hide the fact that you are interested in having a real date can backfire quickly.

Find A Date That Is Both Comfortable And Enjoyable

A big reason that people don't want to transition from sexting to a real date is that they don't feel comfortable. Safety is a big reason behind that but there is also the aspect of never having met in person. When asking your sexting partner on a date you want to have an idea ready that will be comfortable for them. Something that is safe and typically low key such as meeting for a coffee at a Starbucks or going to dinner at a well-lit restaurant.

In addition to being comfortable the date also needs to be enjoyable. Some people don't like the idea of Starbucks or want something more outdoorsy. The likes of people are limitless. Make sure that your date idea also takes into account what they find enjoyable.

Ask Them What Their Dream Date Would Be

Another way to broach the topic is to ask what their dream date would be. Talk about how it would be setup, what it would include, get into the details. Then ask them if it would be okay if you took them out on that dream date. Tell them that you would like to make it something special between you.

Asking someone on a date whether you know them or not is always an intimidating task. After you have read these tips we suggest coming up with a plan before asking any questions. Once you have a plan, stir up a conversation and ask them. We wish you the best of luck getting that real date. We have confidence in you.