Does Sexting Lead to Affairs?


Technology has helped spark passions and keep love burning bright in many relationships. The ability to instantly communicate from any location allows couples to remain closer than ever, while sending naughty pics or enjoying a cheeky video call is great fun.

It's safe to say tech such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets all have the potential to enhance a relationship. Sexting can be a great way to have a lot fun and raunchy conversations with your better half, with many people's sex lives benefiting from regular sexting.

But with the good comes the bad, and there are quite a few risks that technology presents in any relationship and sexting is one of them.

Sexting is always enjoyable with a partner, spouse, or when flirting with a crush, but there are times when it's a bad thing, such as sexting with someone outside of the relationship. It's becoming an increasingly common occurrence, but not everyone has the same reactions to sexting.

Is Sexing the Same as Having an Affair?

After all, sexting isn't physical in any way whatsoever, so many claim it's not even cheating. But, the truth is that sexting is a type of cheating.

While not a physical affair, sexting is somewhat like an emotional affair in that you are doing something behind your partner's back, and what you are doing (sending raunchy messages, exchanging nude photos etc.) is something that is normally reserved just for you and your partner.

In fact, many people that catch their spouse or partner sexting often find it's just as bad as a physical affair. There are some similarities, such as deception and betrayal, while the similarities with an emotional affair can double the impact, which is why it's quite the shock for most that find out.

Also like with an emotional affair, sexting often leads to a physical affairs. It's a stepping stone for some, with the excitement of sexting and the bond build during this act being too much of a temptation for those involved.

Not All Sexting Leads to Affairs

Conversely, like not all emotional affairs progress into physical ones, not all sexting lead to affairs. Sometimes it's just a side-effect of a deeper lying issue in a relationship. It's not about sexting with someone else but rather doing something that is missing from your current relationship.

Other times, someone simply sexts with another person just to experience the rush. It's quite different to physically cheating and easy to keep hidden, leading many people to try it out as a one-time deal. They don't ever plan on cheating, but simply want to experience the rush of cheating without technically doing it.

Also, sometimes sexting happens from outright boredom!

Sexting Often Progresses to an Affair

However, it's hard to ignore that sexting often does lead to affairs. One of the biggest reasons for this is that these interactions sometimes lead to meeting in person. This can be even more so the case when sexting with someone from the past, such as an old flame or someone you had crush on in high-school.

Additionally, it's worth mentioning that sometimes a cheater is going to cheat regardless of the technology available. Sexting has changed how we can interact with other people we may desire, and those prone to cheating would have done so with or without sexting.

Every Situation is Different

It's hard to be truly sure whether sexting leads to affairs. Every situation is different, but there is certainly an underlying issue with a relationship if one person is sexting outside of it.

It may not always lead to a physical affair - but anyone that finds their partner is sexting may already view as an affair!