Facts About Snapchat: Was It Originally for Sexting?

by FreeSextingSites.com

Snapchat is a fun method of communication for many. It's quick and simple to use, while also giving you the chance to take fun pictures. This is also an app that protects your privacy. With messages deleted after a few seconds, it's much harder for those messages to be used against you.

It's not surprising that some people are now using Snapchat for sexting. But was this the original intention? And how do you get started sexting through Snapchat if this is what you want to use it for?


What was Snapchat Originally For?

The app was never originally designed for sexting. Creator Evan Spiegel has stated that he didn't see the allure in sexting when you can do the real thing and it was never on his mind when he created it.

In fact, Snapchat just made it possible to share pictures and messages without it sticking around forever. The internet has made it almost impossible to hide a past or to get rid of images. You have no idea what other people are doing on their computers.

That's not the case with Snapchat. Spiegel created the app to make communications more human and real. He wanted to make it possible to send a photo without worries of repercussions. If someone tries to take a screenshot of an image, the original sender is notified.

But doesn't this open the app to sexting? Well, of course it does. While the app may not have been originally intended for sexting, it's a popular way to send flirty messages and pictures without the worry of repercussions.

Haven't Things Changed for Snapchat Users?

Of course, like everything, Snapchat has adapted over the years. Stories have made it possible to keep content for up to 24 hours. Then there's Memories, where people can keep their own images for longer and use them at a later date.

However, there's still control by the original user. Someone doesn't have to use Stories or Memories if they don't want. This keeps the app viable for sexting purposes.

How to Use Snapchat for Sexting

What you actually send is completely up to you and your sexting buddy. You'll all have preferences and this isn't about what to send. It's more of how to get started with the sexting process.

You will need to have someone to send the messages to. This needs to be someone on the app "friend" list. A phone number of the person you want to connect with is essential. This can make it a little harder to start sexting with Snapchat for work. However, you could set up a number specifically for your job to then connect with people.

If you're sexting with a friend and already have their number, it's much easier. When you create your account, Snapchat will ask to access your phone's contact list and this will add all those with Snapchat into your account.

From there, you just start creating your "snaps." Do everything within the app. There's access to a camera and a video, so you can create your Snaps and your Stories. You can then save the images to your device if you want to use them for later. Sent the snaps and messages through the app to the person you want to connect with and it's done!

Getting Into Sexting

Don't just start be sending a dick pic or an image of your boobs! You want to make sure the other person wants to start sexting with you. Of course, if it's a partner, you'll likely be able to just start! But if it's a friend, you'll want to make sure you're ready to move your friendship to the next level.

When you're messaging clients for your sexting job, you'll need to make sure you're connecting with the right person. Start with the introductions like you would sexting through any other app and then you can move onto the actual messages.

If you're sexting for work, you may have protocols or rules that you have to follow. This will depend on whether you've signed up through a company or you're doing this completely freelance. It's best to do it through a legitimate company that will help to protect your number for sexting and can connect through Snapchat.

Are you thinking of using Snapchat for sexting? This wasn't the original intention of the app but it is a positive option for adults who want to have fun and keep their messages private. The images don't stick around forever, meaning you can be more confident and risqué.