9 Flirty Questions To Ask A Guy Over Text To Make Him Hard

by FreeSextingSites.com

Sexting is a fun activity for adults to get entertainment and sexual satisfaction from. For many guys, sexting may feel natural but for girls you might want some help. Asking flirty questions can help to set the mood for sexting. We are going to look at some great questions to get the mood started and make him hard.

#1 What Is Your Size?

Men love being asked about their shaft. Especially about the length of their shaft. If you don't ask about their size, or how hard they are, they might feel wronged. It is often one of the first questions the expect to be asked.

#2 What Color Do You Imagine My Underwear Is?

Your underwear is a great mystery to men and they like that mystery. They enjoy picturing you in your underwear and going from there. Ask them about what color they think your underwear is.

Don't let him know right away. Tease him about it. Once he knows the color, elaborate and ask him what type of underwear he thinks you are wearing.

#3 What Do You Wish I Was Wearing?

Asking a guy what they want to see you in is a great starter to a long conversation. You can start here and continue to ask questions. Consider asking about colors, length, designs, and details. Clothes of all kind can be immensely provocative.

#4 Do You Have Any Fantasies?

Obviously we all have fantasies but men love to talk about them. It is also a great way to lead into a deeper conversation about sexting. Ask for details and clarification as he describes his fantasy. Don't be afraid to mention your fantasies after.

#5 What Can I Do For You?

The best part of sexting is discussing what you would do if you were together. It isn't the best starter question because it doesn't set the mood. It is what you want all of your starter questions to lead into. Make sure to continue on his desires and add in your own as you delve into the many details of what you can do for each other.

#6 Do You Want Me To Play With Myself?

This question can fit in various different parts of the conversation but it is an important one. Ask your partner about playing with yourself. Start off by asking if you should start. Then as time goes on in the conversation you can ask how, where, and what you should do.

This is a question that keeps on giving and it is important to keep in mind.

#7 How Do You Like To Be Touched?

Touch is an amazing thing but the funniest part about it? You don't actually have to be touched to have it affect you. If you are good enough with your words, you can inspire the feeling of touch with words alone.

Ask the guy where he would like to be touched. From there go about describing how you would do it and where you would move to. Stop to ask some more questions. Don't forget to ask about where he would touch you while you are doing all of this.

#8 Would You Use Your Teeth To Take My Panties Off?

Okay, there is very little hotter than the idea of a guy having removing your underwear with his teeth. Ask him this and it is a great way to stimulate the conversation for both of you.

#9 What Clothes Should I, Or Shouldn't I, Wear To Bed?

Bed is where most of the excitement takes place. Your partner has more than likely pictured you in bed multiple times. Asking questions about bedtime gets their imagination going. Especially what you should wear.

Take note that we included what you shouldn't wear to bed. Many guys like the idea of no shirt or no pants to bed. Take your comfort into mind but remember, his imagination is a powerful tool for a sexting experience.

Just like with any sexual encounter, sexting is a two part experience where you can get only as much as you put in. Both parties need to be pleased in order to have the most fun. Take these questions and inspire a fun time. Don't forget to throw a couple of moans in here and there for good effect!