Can You Forgive Someone for Sexting?


Have you discovered that your partner is sexting with another person?

It has likely come across as quite the shock and you probably feel just as betrayed as if they'd been physically cheating on you, but there's a good chance you're not entirely sure how to react. After all, sexting is quite different to conventional affairs.

It's not physical while it may not be considered emotional either, so how exactly do you react if you catch your partner sexting with someone else? More importantly, can you forgive someone for sexting?

Well, it's hard to say for sure because every situation is different, but let's look at the best course of action to take.

Are They Actually Sexting?

Firstly, you want to determine whether they are truly sexting or not. It's easy to assume something without any evidence, and even then, some evidence may appear worse off than it actually is. For example, a friendly chat with harmless flirting and a few emojis isn't the same as sending nude pics or explicit sex talk.

Never accuse someone of sexting unless you have some sort of evidence. However, if you go through their phone to get this, you've also betrayed their trust, which is not going to help the situation.

Reacting the Right Way

If you find out they are, how did you react? Are you keeping the truth and hoping nothing comes from it or they are going to admit to their activity? Did you confront them and get angry or upset? Who did you blame for the situation - your partner or the person they sexted with?

These are important questions to ask yourself as it will let you know your true feelings on the matter. You need to understand that the sexting was entirely your partner's responsibility - nobody is forced into doing this.

If you want to forgive them, and its entirely possible, you need them to take responsibility for their actions. You need them to be honest as possible too, which includes finding out whether it stopped at sexting or went any further.

Why Were They Sexting?

Another important factor for forgiving someone for sexting is to know why they did it. People sext outside of a relationship for different reasons, whether it's boredom, the need to be desired, the thrill of getting caught, or anything else.

You may even find your partner didn't think it was much of deal, with many thinking that because it's not physically cheating there is no harm done.

Whatever reason they give, you need to find out the truth, which may be quite angering and upsetting, but's its vital for anyone that wants to forgive their partner. This is because you need to know why it happened and how it impacts what you both want.

For instance, if your partner was sexting out of boredom, it means that they are unsatisfied with aspects of the relationship.

No matter the reason, you're going to have some issues to work out with each other and your relationship. So, you need to ask yourself whether this is worth it or not. You may want to forgive them but is it worth working on something that will not be improved and likely lead to something similar in the future?

When Sexting Can't Be Forgiven

If this isn't the first time it has happened, then you are likely going to struggle to find the trust in your relationship again. Your self-confidence may also take a hit, which is why you really may want to consider moving on.

That said, this type of situation could be what your partner needed. If they are truly sorry and have a reason behind for the sexting that you understand and feel you can work on, then it may be worth forgiving them.

Some people don't understand how important their partner is until they risk losing them, which could be the case here. The bottom line is that you need to know the truth as to why they sexted in the first place, and whether this is enough for you to try and rebuild the trust you lost.