How to Sext Him at Work


There are few things more exciting than sexting your other half. It's quick and easy to do, builds great anticipation, and let you play out fun and exciting roleplaying from almost anywhere. In fact, many people enjoy sexing their boyfriend when he's working. What better way to tease and excite him than letting him know just how horny you are when he's out at work?

However, sexting at work is a risky process, which is what makes it so exciting. You need to ensure you don't get caught, leave any evidence, while saying the right things to get him desperate to see you. It's a hard balance but one you can easily strike with these tips for sexting him at work!

Sexting at work

You Can Start Cute or Sexy

There are few approaches to sexting him when he's at work, and it may depend on your relationship for how you start things. Two of the best ways to open with sexting is to be either cute or sexy.

Cute tends to work as a great way to start things with a guy you've just started dating or have yet to hook up with. It's playful, lets him know he's on your mind at work, and you can progress into something naughtier from there.

For instance, saying that you can't stop smiling thinking about him or the date you had last night works very well.

Starting with something sexier is a good option for your boyfriend or husband, although you're free to try it with a casual partner too. This turns up the heat big time and lets him know exactly what's missing out on at work.

Talk about the sex you had last night, compliment his body or performance in bed, what you'd love to do with him if he wasn't at work. These are great openers for building the anticipation when you see him later.

Tease Him About Work

This doesn't mean making fun of him for being at work but rather what you could be doing if he wasn't working. Tell him all the naughty things that you could be doing to each other if you weren't at work and what he could be doing right now if he left work to come meet you.

The goal isn't to make him leave his work - it's to make him desperate to leave so he can see you instead. Ask him if he really needs to go to work today, telling him exactly what you'd rather be doing with him - its guaranteed to get him very excited to see you!

Take Charge

Men love it when their partner takes charge of a naughty situation like sexting, so don't be afraid to be assertive with your replies. Ask him exactly how much he's desperate to see you, what would he be doing if he wasn't at work, or any other questions that are going to turn up the heat and let him know what he's in store for.

Treat Him to a Visual

Telling him what you want to do is one thing - showing him takes things to a whole new level. Send him a suggestive photo to get him desperate to see you or even a few nudes if you're comfortable doing so.

Just remember to take necessary safety precautions such as blurring/hiding your face, deleting any photos, and never using a work computer or device to send anything. It's usually a good idea to take your sexy photos at home for this reason!