Is Sexting A Form of Cheating If You Are Married?


In the years gone by we used to hear the term texting. People used to text each other and discuss matters or to share things. A lot of affairs used to start with texting and this texting was the reason for many hidden relationships also.

People started talking to each other a lot and texting became the easiest way to keep the conversation secret also. There is a new term which is rising these days is called sexting. As its names show that it is related to sex so it is talking about sex or discussing about sexual things.

Many people do sexting to make each other heat up and enjoy their night chats with a lot more fun. They find it joyful and relaxing to discuss about each other bodies and tend to do some kind of stuff with their bodies. This is called oral sex. There are many persons who are doing oral sex. In oral sex you are doing masturbation or fingering while talking to someone imaging that you are having fun.

The question is that is sexting a bad thing? Is it called cheating when you do it after getting married with someone else? Let's find it out.

Is It Really Cheating?

Well, the answer to this question is yes. When you are married to someone, you obviously love someone and spend your time with your partner. You relation is based upon the love and trust you both have in between.

When you are giving that love to someone else along with the trust, it is really hard for your partner to bear this. So, it is surely cheating. You have your partner with you standing in thick and thin and you are cheating on him/her by talking dirty.

Trust Measure

When you are sexting with someone it is obvious that your partner does not know you from recent path. You guys have a long relationship and that is why girl is attracted by the beauty and feeling of boys and later they end up doing the same things by themselves.

So, when you are cheating to your partner from sometime and he/she comes to know about everything you are doing, it can be really hard breaking. A relationship is based on the trust between husband and wife but when husband is buys with some other women that trust is broken.

It is not easy to build trust between two people as it takes a lot of time but it takes few seconds to break the trust and finish it forever. So, one of the thing sexting does is that it breaks the trust with your partner and you are left alone.

Sexting can't be trusted also. The person with whom you are talking can leave you anytime and by then it will be late for you to manage things properly and save your marriage.

So, sexting is a cheating to your partner and the feeling he/she have for you.