Let's Look At iSexyChat

by FreeSextingSites.com

Sexting is one of the major new sexual activities that is sweeping the world. People are taking fun getting horny over text message. From role-playing to talking about kinks, all aspects of sex are fair game. How do you find a partner to sext with though?

We recommend that you turn to the internet. There are many websites dedicated to finding the right partner for sexting. One of the sites that we have taken a look at is iSexyChat. It has been around since 2006 but is still a major contender in the sexting world.

iSexyChat Overview

iSexyChat originally appeared in 2006 and was a very rudimentary world. Since then though it has changed a lot. Included in those changes is the modernization of the website. Chatrooms are the main location for the sexting and cybersex that takes place on the iSexyChat website. You'll find the following chatrooms:

  • Sex Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Lesbian Chat
  • Roleplay Chat
  • General Chat
  • Trade Chat (Trading Communication)
  • Trade Pics Chat

When a user logs into any one of the chatrooms above, they are required to select their gender. That gender is displayed in the chatroom so that users are aware of who they are talking to. A nice feature, one that more websites need to start using.

Having a lot of members is required to run a sexting website that users want to come to. Hundreds of users are online at one time on the iSexyChat website. That means there is a match for everyone. Not every sexting website has close to hundreds of users at one time.

Want to see the legacy versions of the iSexyChat website? They are available at the bottom of their homepage. This will show you how far they have come.

Free and Anonymous

One of the biggest features of iSexyChat is that the chatrooms are free. You can access them as long as you have an internet browser. An account isn't even needed. To start you visit the website, pick what you are looking for, what you are, and create a nickname. Use an appropriate username for the website, check out the rules section.

What you get by not having to make an account is the ability to remain anonymous. You don't have to give out any identifying information. If you want to remain anonymous, just make sure that you avoid the trading channels.

Past Negative Reviews

You will see multiple copies of the same review across the internet that rates iSexyChat as a one star. This comes from their first website design from 2006. That design was very basic and under that design, you could only use the chatrooms on a mobile device. That has since changed.

iSexyChat works on any device that you want to sext from.

A second negative review that you will find is that there are a lot of guys on the iSexyChat chatrooms. This is to be expected. The one difference is that people report that it isn't too hard to find a woman who wants to have fun.

Make Sure To Read The Rules

Sexting brings with it the potential for a lot of issues. From illegal activity to phishing for information. That is why it is essential that you read the rules section. One of the things that you will find is that iSexyChat has stricter rules than most sexting websites.

A good example of this is that you can't use any family terms, such as daddy. This includes using daddy for a dominant's term of address. In most other sexting websites, that is okay.

In the same section that you find the rules you can find some tips to help you start using the chatrooms. That includes a page on understanding the various features on the chat website. Also included is a list of the commands that you can use in the chatroom.

We definitely recommend that you take a look at iSexyChat and give it a try. Unlike many of its competitors, there is no fee to test it out and it is easy to try. Make sure to give it some time to get to know the many regulars that frequent the rooms.