Tips for Mastering The Art of Sexting


Sexing is all part of the modern dating game. When done right, it's fun, playful, and the perfect type of foreplay, whether between two singles looking to hook-up or a couple that's been married for years.

Yet mastering the art of sexting doesn't come easy to everyone. There's a lot to remember as you need to strike the right balance between sexy, suggestive, and light-hearted. This can be tough for some, and with so much potentially riding on your sexting skills, it's understandable why so many people fear slipping up!

After all, nobody wants to come across as creepy or desperate when sexting, which is why it helps to know a thing or two before you start. Follow these tips below to master the art of sexting in no time at all!

Mastering The Art of Sexting

Ask the Right Questions

Sexy questions are a great way to get a steamy conversation going, with one of the best sexting questions being quite a simple one - what's your fantasy?

This is an awesome question to ask as it's not the most explicit way to start a conversation, helping to give a nice build up to the good part where all the naughty sexting comes out. It looks like a basic question at first but is certain to get their imagination going in all the right ways!

There are other questions that work well, such as asking them what they are wearing, what they would do if you were together, or when was the last time you thought of me. The goal is the same no matter the question - get the sexy chat rolling!

Sexy Compliments

There is a fine line between a sexy and creepy when sexting and this often the first hurdle people fall at when sexting. Compliments are a great way to come across as charming and sexy without being a creep, providing you know the best sexting compliments to make.

For your partner, there will be nothing sexier than complimenting something specific about them. Avoid being too vague or boring with a generic compliment - this is sexting after all! For example, why not say that their lips feel incredible on your body?

It's a nice compliment, doesn't come off as creepy, and is an open invitation for some sexting action. If you haven't had sex yet don't worry, you can easily compliment on something you'd like to find out more on!

Just think of a compliment that you would love to hear yourself and send it over!

Ask for a Photo

Send your partner a message that you are desperate for a photo of them! It's a simple but effective line that will lets them know you are thinking about them and that you cannot wait any longer to see them - this quite a turn on!

Also, you'll likely to get a sexy snap sent your way, which is only going to increase your anticipation of finally seeing them. Of course, always make sure your partner is happy to send kinky photos before trying this, as you don't want to come across like you are demanding nudes or anything.

If you've exchanged nudes or just naughty photos, try this sexting trick and you're guaranteed to get more!

Paint a Picture with Words

Dirty chat is the foundation of sexting, so use this to your advantage by telling your partner all the naughty stuff you want to do to them. If you're roleplaying (such as pleasuring yourself when sexting) then get in there with all the dirty details!

Being descriptive with your dirty talk can really heighten the fantasy elements of sexting, playing a heightened version of yourself that is certain to get your partner excited. Tell them what you're doing right now, what you want to do to them, what you're wearing - describe anything that will turn them on!

Remember, sexting is an amazing type of foreplay when done right, so give them an idea of what you want to do in person, as it's only going to make them more excited to see you.