How To Respond To A Sext From A Girl


Getting a sext from a girl can be an exciting moment. In most traditional relationships, the man is the one who initiates any (or most) sexual encounters. But a girl beginning the sexual discussion can be even more exciting. That said, what happens when a girl starts a sexting conversation?

We are going to explore how you can best respond to a girl who sexts you. This is an especially important read as it is happening more and more.

Sext from girl

Read The Sext

Don't just skim over the sext and think that it is just a woman trying to start a sexual encounter. A first sext can often set the scene for the whole conversation. Read through for any hints of what they are looking for. Think of the obvious questions.

1. Did they mention a specific sexual act?

2. If this were in person, how would you proceed?

3. What would they want you to do?

Don't Jump In Head Deep

You may be tempted to jump right in, move into the actual sex act. Or at least talking about it. You need to spend time building up the experience. At the point of the first text, you aren't at your peak sexual nature. There is still room for being much more turned on.

Respond with a message that is along the same lines as the one that she sent. It is what she is looking for. A good example of going overboard follows:

Woman: What would you like to do to me if we were alone right now?

You: I'd like to fuck you.

The first problem is that there was no build up. You missed your chance to have a fun conversation.

Be Creative

We mentioned above that there was a second problem with the above-mentioned example. Many people will notice the problem we are talking about. Saying I'd like to fuck you is very straight to the point but lacks the creativity that makes it attractive to everyone involved. If you are going to talk about having sex, be illustrative.

Simply think about how you would like to hear it. Try to also break it down into parts so that it lasts more than a second. Do you want her to think that you only last a few seconds?

This is often hard to remember at the time of sexting. Just try to keep it in mind that the longer and more creative your conversation is, the more fun that you can have.

Only Use Emojis If She Is In To That

Emojis have become a popular tool in sexting but only among certain people. There are still a significant amount of people out there who become a little weirded out by the idea of using emojis. Often times, a good strategy is to wait and see if she starts to use them. If she uses them, then it is pretty safe to use them yourself.

Don't Be Overly Realistic

There is a difference between being creative and being realistic. Don't describe your body down to a tee unless she specifically asks for it. Part of the idea of sexting is that you are letting the imagination take a big role in the whole thing. Too much realism and you run into the problem where nothing is left to the imagination.

Move Somewhere Comfortable

It is really hard to sext when you are somewhere that you don't find comfortable. You need to find the perfect place that you find comfy. Many people like the bed but others like a couch or similar lounge device.

By comfortable, we don't just mean physically. Be somewhere that you can enjoy yourself. A good example, is it is often hard to have a sexting conversation with a parent or close friend looking over your shoulder. Plus, just ick. Find a good place and you will both have much more fun.

Sexting is one of the most fun sexual acts you can do without having your partner around. If you pull off the conversation right, you are finding the perfect balance between the imagination and having fun with a partner. Make sure that you take the proper precautions when you text such as only texting with someone that you trust! But most importantly, enjoy yourself!