How To Respond To Unwanted Sexting


Sexting has become one of the most popular sexual activities after having sex itself. People are engaging in sexting on a regular basis. People from all walks of life enjoy it. That being said, that doesn't mean you always want to sext.

If you get unwanted sexts how do you handle it? There are a number of ways that you can handle the situation. Let's review. Some of them.

If It's A Friend

Sometimes friends sext each other out of the blue and it can be very disconcerting. Should you get a sext from a friend and don't want to engage, just be honest. Tell them you aren't interested. It is better to be up front and honest.

If you are interested in having a further relationship with the person but aren't ready to sext, let them know that you would rather go on a date.

If It Is A Random Text Message

It isn't too uncommon to get a text message from a random number that is sexual in nature. Most people wouldn't want to engage in sexting with a random number but most also wouldn't know how to handle it. The easiest way to handle it is to let the other person know that they have the wrong number.

This could lead to them asking if you are interested anyways. Tell them no. Leave no room for them to continue on pressing you for sexting.

You can also opt not to respond to the person at all. This shows them that you aren't interested in sexting. If they have the wrong number, they will realize that when you don't respond. Not everyone will stop when you don't answer though. Again, consider letting them know they have the wrong number. For those that aren't comfortable, you can also go straight to blocking their number.

Take The Fun Route

Another way to deal with unwanted sexting no matter who the person is, is to turn the thing into a big joke. You have probably seen similar responses posted around the internet. Send a funny picture in response to their sext or tell them a joke.

Don't lead the person on but give them a joking hard time. Some people keep a handful of funny pictures or memes on hand just for this reason.

Depending on who the person is, you can always post your conversation online. These types of conversations often go viral on websites like Reddit. Since you enjoy messing with the other person, chances are the internet will too.

If It Is On A Dating Website

Not everyone on a dating website is someone that is looking for just dating. Some dating website users are looking for casual relationships, sex, and/or sexting. That means that you might get random sext messages on a dating app.

The easiest way to handle a sext message on a dating app is to block the person. All dating apps should have a block option. If the person is pushy or is in someway sexually threatening, make sure to report the account. This will help to keep you and others safe.

Consider Blocking Phone Numbers

Almost all modern phones come with a way to block text messages and phone calls. If you get sexts and the person persists, becomes rude, or even threatens you, don't hesitate to block the number. You shouldn't be afraid to block friends too if you don't feel comfortable with the sexting. A true friend never will push you to sext.

Threatening Messages

Sometimes denying someone sexting will lead to negative interactions. A small threat will often not make you uncomfortable but that isn't how every denial goes.

Should you continue to receive threatening messages and not feel comfortable, do not delete the messages. Call the police and inform them of the situation. Every situation is different but the police will at least be able to advise you on how to handle the situation from there.

Have you ever gotten an unwanted sext? If you have, you know it is uncomfortable but now you know how to deal with it. Do you have any other tips for others? Let them know in the comments down below.