Sexting 101 - Sexting Messages to Send to Your Girlfriend


Sexting with your girlfriend is a great way to have fun and keep your relationship healthy. While sexting is often seen as something only done among teens, it is something that can be found in every age bracket. It just so happens to be that teens are more familiar with sending messages over text and have less of a learning curve.

For all those that want to sext with their girlfriend's we have created this helpful sexting guide to maximize your pleasure and to help grow your relationship.

To help prepare you we are going to start with some tips. These tips are aimed at beginners to help them learn about sexting. Something that is important so that you don't go afoul when sexting.

Sexting Girlfriend

Sexting Is Like A Story

The act of sexting is almost like role playing. While you can do everything that happens in the texting, there is more to it than that. You often will say things that aren't true while sexting. Such as saying you are naked when you are still in your PJs. As such, you will learn to tell a story while you are sexting.

It is okay to fib when sexting.

What you need to do is remember what you say. Nothing can end a sexting scenario quicker than saying something like what you are wearing then forget later what you said.

Try To Be Aware Of When

Scheduling your sexting might be a turnoff and it might seem weird, but at the same time being completely random with your sexting could lead to negative consequences. Such as your partner having to stop. Start by being aware of your partner's schedule and sexting only when it is appropriate. You could also talk to your partner about when are good times. You don't have to schedule it, just know when in their day is okay to sext.

Go Slow

Sexting is often something that takes a little bit of getting used to. We always recommend starting out slow so that you can get a feel for the art of sexting. You will also warm your partner up by going slow. Start with something small such as flirting and then work your way up. Taking it slow will also help you to keep up the mood and enjoy yourself for a longer time.

Going slow does not mean that you can't try new things. It just means that you need to approach them slowly and be willing to circle back around to them at a later time. Treat sexting just like you would if you were physically together.

Ask A Limited Number Of Questions

Sexting is a great time to work on your writing skills and your imagination at the same time. While part of your sexting could mean that you ask questions, you should avoid asking too many questions. Questions tend to distract from the encounter. When you do ask questions, work them into the sexting in a discreet way. The more the fit into the sexting, the less likely they are to detract from the experience.

Where To Sext

When sexting is available wherever your phone is you have a lot of places that you can sext. You tend to get more natural sexting from locations that make you feel comfortable. Not feeling like you need to look over your shoulder is important for good sexting, especially if you are new to sexting. More comfortable locations also tend to be more conducive to enjoying one's self.

After you get comfortable with sexting and build up a little bit of familiarity it can be thrilling to sext from wherever you are. The idea of people around you not knowing what is going on can be thrilling. If you are in a semi-private area, it can be just as thrilling as wondering if someone will walk in on you while you are actually doing the deed.

Learn The Emoji Sext Language

Emojis are great for conveying all feelings, not just PG feelings. A number of emojis have at least a couple of meanings. Some of those meanings are very sexual. Learning those meanings is a great way to start a sexual conversation and to keep it going. Here are a couple of the emojis and their meaning:

  • The Peach – Ass
  • Cherries – Balls, breasts, or ass depending on context
  • Melon – Boobs
  • Lolipop – Oral Sex
  • Waterdrops – Cum
  • Eggplant – Dick
  • Whale – You have finished

Now these are only a number of the emojis out there. Many emojis have a second meaning. You can also combine emojis such as the pointing finger and the okay hand gesture to get the desired meaning.

Have Stored Pictures

If you plan on sexing regularly you can take the shortcut of having photos prestored on your phone. Take photos for a variety of situations. This allows you to still send nudes and other sexual photos even when you are at work or doing other such things. Just try not to overuse one picture.

A lot of people are concerned about having nudes or other sexual photos on their phones. That is understandable with the number of leaks that have happened. You can take photos and store them in secure apps that use an additional passcode and take the photos out of your photo library.

Send An NSFW Warning

Before sending pictures that she isn't expecting, make sure that you send her an NSFW warning. You don't want her opening the picture when she is surrounded by her coworkers. This could be embarrassing for her and turn her off of sexting all together. Why not start off by asking her if it is okay that you send her a NSFW picture or something along those lines?

Don't Forget To Touch Yourself

Part of sexting is getting off. It is important that you not forget to touch yourself while you are sexting. While you are sexting it is important not to forget to keep touching yourself. If you stop being hard your girlfriend will likely notice as the tone of the conversation will change. Don't forget to keep it up!


sexting examples

Not all of us know how to properly get our girlfriend's going over sext. That isn't something to worry about, we all started learning somewhere. Plus, sexting is different than turning someone on in the physical world. Sexting is truly an art and like all arts there can be a learning curve. Most people aren't born pros at an art, they become so overtime, with experience.

We are here to help you along in the process. We have gathered some of the best ways to start a sexting conversation with your girlfriend.

  • - "I'm thinking about you at the moment, your amazing body and exploring every inch of it. Taking the time to enjoy each part."
  • - "I have been thinking about you all day and it has been making me incredibly hard."
  • - "Thinking about what I want to do with you after work has me wild. It can't come soon enough."
  • - "Hey there dear, I have been thinking of you and I need something that is a little more exciting today."
  • - "You have the most amazing body, I want to explore it. Take my time pleasing it."
  • - "Are you alone? I'd like to try something."
  • - "I am imagining you were here right now and what we could be doing."
  • - "What is something that you have fantasized about?"
  • - "I want to taste you, where should I start?"
  • - "What are you doing right now? Could we talk about the fun we could have?"
  • - "What part of my body turns you on the most?"
  • - "Can I send you a picture and see how wet it makes you?"
  • - "Do you have some time so we can text and have some fun?"
  • - "I miss the feeling of you up against me."
  • - "Just the idea of us being together turns me on. What about you?"

Something to keep in mind is that every person has a unique desire when it comes to sexting. Tailor your sexting to your partner. For example, some women prefer to have a subtle approach while others prefer to go straight into the sex talk. Learn from your partner as they will learn from you. Communication is key to everything in the relationship, including sexting.

Start enjoying yourself and your relationship through the art of sexting. The more you delve into and the more you try, the better the experience will get. Especially when you commit to it. Jump right in and get your girlfriend hot and ready. The more you ignite her passion, the more your passion will be ignited.