How to Turn Sexting into Casual Dating?


Sexting is one of the most popular sexual activities besides sex itself. It is easy to get into and there is almost no learning curve. Often times, people start off sexting before they have any kind of relationship. It is an easy way to have fun.

While sexting can be fun, sometimes you want to take the next step. That step is often moving to casual dating.

How do you go about turning that sexting relationship into something more? Moving to casual dating? We are going to take a look at the answer to that and help you through the process.

Be Upfront

Hiding your desires can lead to bad emotions and can impact your sexting relationship greatly. It is important to be upfront and ask for a casual relationship straight out. Don't try to keep hinting that you want a casual relationship and expect your partner to ask for you.

Not only is this underhanded, but many partners will be put off by secretive attempts to start something more.

Don't Be Afraid To Test The Waters

While you don't want to hint that you want something more, it isn't a bad idea to test the waters. You can ask your partner if they would ever be interested in having something more than a sexting relationship. You can use the answer to this question to determine whether you want to ask or leave your relationship where it is.

Start Small

Just because you have built up something of a relationship by sexting, doesn't mean that you know each other perfectly. Start off your casual dating with something small. Think of casual dating as a chance to get to know your partner in a whole new way.

Pick a first date that is casual. Something like coffee. It is okay if the first date leads to casual sex, you just don't want to jump off the deep end right away in casual dating. You should already know the other person at least a little from what you learned during sexting, use that to pick out the right way to move forward.

Don't Stop Sexting

Just because you are starting a relationship, especially a casual one, it doesn't mean that you have to stop sexting. Sexting gives any dating experience an added level of thrill. It also helps to keep both parties excited to see each other.

Continuing the sexting once your relationship turns into casual dating is often even more exciting than it was before. You have had the chance to get to know your partner's body and that leads you to being able to have an even more vivid imagination.

It also makes your partner more open to the idea of sending pictures or video while sexting.

If Your Partner Is Hesitant…

Some sexting partners will be hesitant to turn your existing relationship into something more. This can be for a lot of reasons. Often times this is because people view moving from sexting to any kind of dating as a big step.

Talk with your partner if they are hesitant. An honest discussion about why you want more can bring light to the situation and make them more likely to be open to something more. It also gives you a chance to highlight the fact that you are looking for casual dating.

Casual dating often comes with very little commitment. If any at all. That will set most partner's minds at ease.

Know That It Won't Always Work

It is important that you know that sexting can't always turn into casual dating. While it often does, not every case will turn into something more. If either party has hurt feelings or wants to move on after, do. You can always find a new sexting partner. Don't let the potential for failure keep you down!

Turning sexting into something more may sound like a big task but it often isn't. Casual dating after sexting is a natural step. One that many sexting relationships turn into without any work. That doesn't always happen though and sometimes it needs one of the partners to move the process along. These tips will help you to do that.

Let others know in the comments below if you have any more tips!