Why Do Guys Like Sexting So Much?

by FreeSextingSites.com

You have probably heard a lot about sexting recently, it is a popular activity that can be a lot of fun. Many women who have not tried sexting want to know why guys enjoy sexting so much. The truth is, there are a lot of reasons.

Not every guy enjoys sexting but a lot do. For that reason, we are going to explore some of the many reasons that guys like sexting so much.

The Imagination Is A Powerful Tool

Sexting is a powerful tool because it leaves so much up to your imagination. Using the power of words you are able to trigger ideas, desires, and create whole images in each other's head. While you may not have the same sensory experience as the actual acts, it is quite the experience.

That same imagination can be harnessed to try out new things. Guys love the idea of trying their fantasies, even if it is in their head. But sexting takes it a step further from just imagination, they get to try it with you.

Sexting Can Give A Sense Of Excitement

While you do need to be careful where and when you sext, sexting can give you quite the sense of excitement. The thrill gives guys a great amount of pleasure. Think about it, you may not be able to have sex while sitting at a cafe, but you can sext. A thrilling adventure.

Either Side Can Start It

In most relationships it is up to the guy to initiate sex. It is a cultural stereotype that has been perpetuated for years. That being said, sexting is a fun activity that either side can start. Many guys love the idea of a woman starting an encounter and that makes sexting alluring.

It Can Lead To More

Sexting is great but nothing beats the real thing. You build up a passion and desire with sexting. Make him want more. Then when the moment comes, sex is even more amazing. The guy has been turned on, and really enjoys you. When he sees those sexts he knows you want him.

Even Guys Have Anxiety

Guy's put on a big show about not experiencing anxiety during a sexual encounter, but most guys really do feel a sense of anxiety when it comes to being with women. They just don't verbalize it. Sexting is a way to gather experience and generate comfort with sexual experiences.

The only way to get past anxiety is to bravely go into whatever is causing the anxiety. In this case, sexting is a way to try your toes at the activity. You can consider it an experiment, but one that is more fun than any experiment you have ever done before.

Feeling Wanted

I know, feelings. Society has conditioned guys to be macho but they have feelings like everyone else. When a guy receives a sext, even while in a committed relationship, they know that they are wanted. It is what everyone wants, whether they say it or not.

A sext from someone that a guy isn't in a relationship with is one of the biggest confidence boosters too. We already mentioned that most guys have a sense of anxiety but they also desire to feel wanted, especially when not in a relationship. A sext shows them that they are.

Sexting Can Be A Nice Alternative

You can't always be together, even in committed long term relationships you can have times where you go without seeing each other. Sexting is a great way to feel as if you are with each other. Even guys like that feeling. Then of course, there is the fact you get to get off with your lover even when you don't see each other.

It may not be the real thing but it is pretty close. And it is a good option for couples that are apart a lot. Especially when one of you travels.

Sexting is an enjoyable activity for everyone involved. Studies have shown that both guys and women enjoy sexting, about equally. There is so much to try and enjoy during sexting that it is thrilling. Try it for yourself and you will see why guys like it.