Emoji Sexting Tricks - Ways To Use Emojis Sexually

by FreeSextingSites.com

Emojis are fun to play with and the modern world has a wide variety of emojis. There are the standard emojis that you can use on almost any phone. You can also download a number of apps that add more emojis to your sexting experience. Today we are going to go over sexting tricks in the form of how to use emojis sexually.

Emojis Have Double Meanings

The first thing that you need to know about using emojis sexually, is that many emojis have two meanings. One meaning of these emojis is clean and simple. The other is more sexualized meaning. Some are only sexualized when they are combined with other emojis.

The Eggplant


One of the most well known sexualized emojis is the eggplant. Just by itself, people have started to assume that it represents a dick. And it leaves a big question in many people's mind, why did companies start using an eggplant in the first place? It isn't necessarily the most common emoji to use unless you are sexual.

To make the most of the eggplant, add the water drops after. You can probably guess what it signifies.

The Okay Sign

Okay Sign

That sign that has made its way around the internet, that means okay? When used as a sexual emoji it stands for penetration. You can combine the okay sign with a finger to signify penetration or use the above-mentioned eggplant.

The Peach


A peach is a common sexual emotion. Another food? The most common use for a peach is to signify someone's ass, or booty. Combine it with the okay sign to signify some booty penetration.

While the peach is used to represent the ass in the modern days, it has a more traditional meaning. People have only confused the traditional meaning. A peach traditionally is used to represent someone's pussy.

The Rooster


The little roost emoji is cute right? Well you probably guessed what you can use it to represent. Many people use the rooster to represent their cock but not everyone finds it enjoyable. It is a little weird to have your sexual organs compared to a bird that isn't that attractive.

The Tongue


While the eggplant might be one of the most well known sexualized emojis, it isn't the most obvious. The tongue sticking out in a licking motion is one of the most obvious emojis out there. Use it to signify eating someone out, a booty licking, or something similar. So many sexual activities have to do with the tongue so get creative.

The Bomb


A little bomb isn't sexual by itself but it combines with many other sexualized icons. If you use the bomb and a peach for example it either means the person's ass or pussy is the bomb. A.k.a. it is cool. It may take someone a minute to get it.

The Pointing Finger

Pointing Finger

We already briefly mentioned the pointing finger. When we mentioned it before, it was as part of the penetration combination. It is mostly used to represent fingering someone though. Finger their peach for example.

Netflix And Chill

Netflix And Chill

We couldn't write this article without mentioning the Netflix and chill combo. When you add popcorn and a snowflake, it stands for Netflix and chill. The new age term for hooking up.

Look On The App Store

If you want truly sexual emojis and want to leave suggestive emojis behind you will need to take a look in your phone's app store, whether that be Android or Apple. A number of apps exist to give you access to truly sexual emojis.

Flirty Emoji and Adult Emoji are two options out there. Emojis in sexual acts, emojis holding their underwear, or suggestive faces are just some of the things you will on these apps. Just make sure you don't use them with anyone you don't mean to!

Now that you know all of these sexual uses for emojis, how are you going to use them? To flirt with your significant other? To find a new sexting partner? Maybe to make people jealous? There are so many uses out there for sex emojis. Use them responsibly and try not to over use them.