Is Sexting Healthy - Any Positive Effects?


In this day and age when you are in a relationship you have very less chances that you miss your partner as badly as it used to be in the past. The reason is the command of technology gadgets. Now, we have cell phones and we are talking to the people we love whole day. We discuss our problems and personal problems with our loved ones through texting etc.

Yet one can say that someone can miss somebody to sleep with her/him and enjoy some moments by watching bodies of each other. Well, this thing has also been covered by the new term Sexting - Sex Texting.

In sexting you don't only talk dirty with your partner but people send their nude pictures and videos any time to make other person relax and horny too. It gives you pleasure to watch your partner pictures that are hot and without any cloths.

Every picture has two sides. Sexting is also considered as not good by many people also. They think it should not be done and people should only text each other. Many people are doing this and they think it gives them a lot more to enjoy about. Here are some benefits of sexting those people have.

Benefits of Sexting:

1. One of the benefits of sexting is that it gives you chance to feel like that you are in bed with someone you love. You both are far from each other but yet you both watch bodies of each other and have fun. So, long distances are covered by sexting.

2. One of the other advantages of sexting is that you don't need to spend time to search for porn movies and watch other people having sex. You can ask your partner to send you their nude picture or video to make you enjoy.

3. An important benefits of sexting is that you feel more comfortable with your partner. You know that you are open in front of your partner and he/she knows everything about you so you become comfortable with your partner.

4. Trust is also very important for any relationship. When two people are sexting they are building a huge amount of trust between each other. They do sexting after they have built enough trust that they know their pictures, videos or chats will not be shown to some other people.

5. Emotions are also built with sexting. Both people involved into a sexting relationship get emotional about the other person. The reason is that the love is increased and you feel secure with your partner and hence you become emotionally more close to each other.

Is It Really Healthy?

It can be regarded as healthy activity only if you are controlling yourself only to enjoy the stuff. If you are going above the emotions and doing some kind of weird things with your body parts and damaging them it can be not a good and healthy activity for you.

You need to be mentally strong in order to enjoy sexting in a best way. You can enjoy it to spend your nights with some great joy.