Skibbel Review - Chat with Strangers Around the World


Skibbel takes a unique approach to sexting, with the website and app pairing you with strangers from all over the world.

Think of it as Chatroulette but chatting with people that are actually interested in sex chat! This concept is quite different to most sexting sites, which pair you with camgirls or other single members you choose to contact, so the different approach makes Skibbel more fun and exciting.


100% Free and Completely Anonymous

Skibbel doesn't cost anything to use, so if you're looking to try out sexting or practice your game, this site is well worth checking out. There is no content hidden behind paid memberships or site currencies, making it one of the 100% free sexting sites out there.

To ensure your privacy is maintained, Skibbel doesn't request any private information or registrations, while you won't have any of your info saved. The only thing you need to worry about is someone finding Skibbel on your browsing history!

This means free cybersex and sexing while remaining completely anonymous - it's quite a turn on in itself!

Easy to Use

Skibbel could not be easier to use. You simply choose your gender (you can also choose to use as a couple) and the gender (or both) that you like, followed by a small profile text that lets others know what you are looking for. You can also choose to add a profile picture although it's not required.

Once you're set, Skibbel starts randomly pairing you with strangers around the world for some naughty sexting action. You don't need to accept connection's before sexting, so you do have a chance to match again or go into a private chat mode where you start sexting.

When finished you just shut the web browser and that's you done! Connecting to others is almost instant, so you can be online and sexting in a matter of minutes, never needing to register or pay for a thing. It's free cybersex at its best!

Plenty of Sexting Options

Taking inspiration from sites like webcam-based chat rooms like Chatroulette and Omegle, Skibbel also offers live video chat with people you're randomly connected with. Unlike these sites, users are all on-board for sexting, so it's nice to get paired with strangers that you know are interested in the same sex chat.

This means you can start treating each other to a live show straight from the get-go, although there are other sexting options available. For instance, if you are uncomfortable video chatting, there is a text-based chatting option also available, meaning sex chat Skibbel doesn't need to involve any videos or photos.

Of course, being a sexting website, it is only natural that most users want to exhange nudes and even have live cam sex. The good news is that Skibbel lets its users decide on what sexting they want to take part in, so you can certainly find something you're comfortable with using the site.

A New Smartphone App for Sexting

Skibbel recently launched a new smartphone application available for Android devices. This contains all the core features of the main website but with a few added touches. For instance, users can utilise their rear camera when live chatting, letting them show off their body without revealing their face.

There is an app for iOS devices too but these don't have video chat capabilities - you can still send texts and photographs though! Both apps are user-friendly and allow for some sexting on the go, which is a nice feature for those that are serious about sexting!

Final Thoughts

Skibbel is a fantastic sexting website and app. Being completely free and anonymous means you are free to sex chat with anyone and everyone without needing to pay a dime. Users on the site are all interested in sexting so you can make your intentions very clear from the get-go, while having the choice to text, send photos, or video chat means all sexting bases are covered!