SnapChat Review - Top Messaging And Picture Sending Apps


Sexting is a digital dating trend that has been sweeping the internet. Using your phone in order to send text messages that are sexual in nature is referred to as sexting. They are fun, and a great way to turn someone on and even get off. There is a problem with sexting that a lot of people have.

Using your phone to sext with casual acquaintances or with random people can be unnerving, not private, and leaves your messages out there for anyone to see. The person also ends up with your phone number.

Instead of using texting when sexting, there is a secure and private option. Snapchat is a great option when you are looking to sext. The Snapchat app has become one of the most popular messaging and picture sending apps in the world.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is primarily an app that allows you to send phone pictures to friends that automatically delete after a certain period of time. Despite being originally intended to be used for only video, Snapchat has grown. You can both send auto-destructing text messages and videos.

Upon the release of the Snapchat app, pictures had a set time that wouldn't change. You can now set a timer of up to ten seconds on a picture or allow only one view. If a viewed picture is screen captured, you will be notified.

Videos will only be viewable for the length of the video. Messages sent by text will stay up as long as the recipient has the window open. After that, they are gone.

Snapchat users can also post a story on their profile that allow any friend of the user to see it for 24 hours. This can be a video or picture and it works similar to Facebook stories or Instagram stories.

In addition to having a standard camera, Snapchat is also known for its numerous filters and lenses. You can add a unique and sexy hint to your photos if you are able to choose just the right filter. At the same time, you could use a lens to hide your identity or to add something extra sexy to your message.

Snapchat And Sexting

With Snapchat having self-destructing messages, it is obvious that people would turn to it in order to have private conversations. That includes sexting. It is a great place to make your sexting something private.

A flexible app that can be installed on any device is preferred by many setters. The ability to use a username instead of your own name is also desirable.

Privacy is a double edged sword when it comes to sexting. You get to know that you are secure and don't have to worry about people seeing your sexts. You also don't have to worry about people identifying you through your phone number. But on the other hand you can't go back and review your messages to get off again or to clarify something once the app has been closed.

Another downside to Snapchat is also the fact that it is just a messaging app. You cannot find new users to sext with through the app itself. In order to find new Snapchat users to sext with you can download another app or meet people through another means.

A number of websites dedicated specifically to connecting Snapchat users have arisen where you can share usernames, exchange usernames, and post yours. Some of these are even specifically for texting. You could also use a traditional dating app in order to find a suitable sexting partner then use Snapchat for the secure messaging.

A Pro Tip

Choose your username wisely. Too many users choose a username like BigDick9000 or PussyWrecker. Names like this will often turn partners of either gender away. You want to go for catchy usernames that are not obscene. Also consider avoiding using your name in your Snapchat name.

When all things are considered Snapchat makes a great platform for those who are looking to sext. The one caveat being that you will need to find your own partners elsewhere. This shouldn't be too hard because there are so many ways to find partners out there. You will be up and enjoying Snapchat sexting in no time.

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