Don't Fall For SextLocal


Sexting is a great pass time for those that want to get off while talking to someone else. The number of different activities you can engage in while you sext is limitless. Whether you are looking to talk about your kinks or go all the way to role-playing, you have your options. The best part about it? There are many other people looking to sext.

But where are those many people? Users from around the internet are looking for places to turn to sext. Whether those be dating websites or chat websites. With that in mind, there are many possible scams out there. Plenty of real websites too, though. Picking the right site like SextLocal will help you to save money and get you off at the same time.

SextLocal Overview

SextLocal is one of the many free sexting sites out there. When you visit their website, you should immediately be on alert. A very plain white page with a lot of text. This page is very similar to scam web pages from other industries. A whole lot of time trying to talk you into spending money without spending anything on web design fees.

We spent the time reading the whole page and found that it spends a lot of time talking about information that you won't need because you won't even find a login page until you click another link.

Signing Up

If you attempt to sign up for SextLocal you will immediately notice that a second window opens. At first it is a little introduction window that asks you to press another button. From that button, you open yet another window. This is odd as most dating websites have you fill out your application on the original window.

The final window asks you questions that are meant to turn you on and make you interested. For example, whether or not you agree to keep the identity of the women you meet private. While you click yes or no to these, one of the previous windows turns into an alluring advertisement meant to trick you into clicking it.

Another sign that you have encountered a scam is that after you have answered all of the questions you get an alert that free sign-ups are ending in only a minute. That counter expires and then it turns to a matter of seconds. This alone should be a major warning sign.

The Cost Of SextLocal

A typical scam tactic from dating websites is to claim that they need your credit card in order to verify that you are of age. The vast majority of legitimate dating sites do not use your credit card to verify your age. A credit card doesn't contain any age identification with it so it would not make sense to use it as a verification method.

Users have reported that once they put their credit card information in for validation that they started getting charges. The main user charge being at $49.95 for membership but other charges have shown up, including memberships to other sites. A good dating site won't automatically sign you up for other websites.

A Connection To Another Website

What you won't find anywhere on the website is that they have a link to another website. SextLocal Now may appear like a much more polished landing page, but don't let it fool you. The name isn't the only thing that the websites have in common. The two are owned by the same company. Don't sign up for either unless you want to waste your money.

The Biggest Sign Of A Scam

After all of this, if you still aren't convinced that you have stumbled across a scam, there is yet another sign. When you browse through the website you will find a bunch of fake profiles. These profiles have unrealistic images, bad descriptions, and never respond to anyone. This isn't an uncommon occurrence but it makes websites near impossible to use effectively.

If you really want to enjoy sexting there are many other websites that you can choose from. Read some of our other reviews in order to find the right website for you. You can always try using SextLocal or SextLocalNow but you likely won't be able to find a match.