How To Sext With A Friend - The Frexting


One of the latest trends in sexting is to start messaging a friend through sexting sites and apps. The activity has been so popular that it has been given its own name, frexting. For those who are confident or knowledgeable about sexting, turning a friendship into something more isn't hard. But for most of us, we don't know what to do.

Those who want to turn a friendship into a sexting relationship, you might need a bit of help. We are here to give you the help that you need. Let's take a look at how to make a friend something more.

Ask Them Outright

The best way to make a friendship into something more is to be honest at straightforward. Most friends appreciate this approach. Simply ask them if they are interested in sexting. Tell them why you are interested in sexting and make it sound interesting and appealing.

While asking over text message might sound like a good idea, it is always better to ask the question in person. Asking about sex in any method over texting is not a good route to go. It feels creepy, even to most friends.

It is also important to let your friend know if you aren't looking for something more serious than sexting. You don't want to lead anyone on and create bad blood.

Should the person say no, do not put a lot of pressure on them. Pressure can lead to ruining friendships and losing friends. Worse can also happen such as restraining orders and the like.

Test The Waters

It never hurts to try testing the waters with a friend. Flirt with them in a friendly way and see what their response is. A little flirting can start developing naturally into sexting. Then you have your answer right there and then.

Flirt in a way that can't be taken as one friend complimenting another. You don't want the person to get the wrong signals.

Like we said above, don't pressure or be pushy. Don't go straight to sexual flirting. Start with complimentary flirting and let things grow from there.

Slide Slowly Into The Sexting Zone

When it comes time to actually start sexting with a friend it might feel awkward at first. Especially if you have been friends for a while. To help both you and your partner, start the sexting off slowly.

Build up a nice sexual conversation without going straight into graphic details. This helps to ease uncomfortableness but also to set a mood. Crass conversation starters don't set a mood and will often kill your chances of a good sexting relationship right off the bat.

Be The First To Share

All true sexting relationships are based on trust. Otherwise you aren't likely to stay friends or to sext more than once. If you want to get your friend talking about their sexual desires, the best way to do so is to generate a sense of trust.

The best way to do so is to share your own desires and preferences yourself. That shows that you are willing to be open and trust them.

Do Not Start With A Photo

A lot of people get the idea that starting a sexting relationship with a photo is a great idea. This is probably one of the worst ideas. Especially with new friends. Many people think that by starting a sexting relationship with a photo is an exciting, catchy start.

That photo though, is a great way to get blackmailed, especially if you don't know the person all that well.

Photos are also graphic. Even if you do your best to make it artistic. Keep the sexting simple and don't start sending photos until you have both built up a level of trust.

A large portion of those that sext never send photos. There is too much of a risk for the photos being leaked during a hack, being blackmailed, or someone simply forwarding on the photo.

Starting a sexting relationship with a friend can be a daunting idea but one that you are probably interested in already. Most of us have at least one friend that we would like to have a sexting relationship with. Follow these tips and you are far more likely to be able to enjoy a new sexting relationship.