Online Sex Chat - The Most Common Scams


There are many benefits to using sex chat sites on the internet. A lot of fun is to be had. That being said, there are things to watch out for. One of the most important things to watch out for are scams. The internet is full of people looking to scam others. Today we are going to talk about some of the most common scams that you can find on sex chat sites.

Sex Chat Scams

Money For Emergency Needs

One of the most popular scams is for a chatter to develop a significant relationship with you, they build up a large amount of interest. From there, they start making you feel guilty by explaining they have an emergency need such as medicine or treatment. They then say they can't afford that treatment and need money. In exchange they promise a relationship or sexual photos. Instead, you end up out of money with nothing to show for it.

The Classic Blackmail Scenario

The classic blackmail scenario is something that you will find commonly online. The sex chatter will talk with you and get you interested in having either video sex or exchange photos. You send them photos and they now have pictures of you. Those pictures are then used to blackmail you into giving them money. Often times, if you send them money, they will continue to ask for more money.

A number of software platforms allow scammers to play any video from the internet so that they can make you think you are watching them. But they won't audio chat because the video is not of them. If they do audio chat, the voice will not match the movement of the lips.

Claiming To Be Underage After You Have Talked

A popular scam is for a chatter to claim that they are 18 or older. They talk with you, develop a relationship, then things start to get sexual. They may or may not send a photo. After a certain amount of time they claim to have your IP address and that they are under 18. They now tell you that you are chatting with a minor and have to pay in order to prevent them from going to the police.

Virus Or Ransomware Installation

Virus and ransomware is becoming less common for those who are on sex chat sites but they still exist. A chatter will give you a link to a website that they say will have pictures of them nude. When you click on the link a download starts that supposedly contains the content you want to enjoy. Instead a virus or ransomware will be released on your computer.

The Rate Me Scam

Another scam that you might see involves a person coming onto a sex chat website and asking for you to rate them. They say its part of their job or they are in a contest. They send you a link in order to rate them. When you click on the link you are taken to a page that requires you to sign up for an account, put a credit card in, and follow a bunch of steps. When you are done, there often isn't even a rating to be done.

You have just given your information to the scammers, including your name, financial information, and more. They can use your credit card and sell of your information.

If you have fallen for a scam in the past, don't feel bad. Scammers continue their work because they are able to get money from it. It works. They also constantly change their methods by a little bit so it is harder to notice them.

These are the most common sex chat scams you find on the internet. That being said, they aren't the only ones that you will find. There are plenty of scams out there to be had. That is why we always advocate for safety when it comes to using sex chat websites. A good example of this is never showing your face until you truly get to know the person. Have you or a friend had an experience with a sex chat scammer? Let everyone know in the comments down below.